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10 Unexpectedly Fancy Foods at the Dollar Store

We all know the local dollar store is best known for giving us great bargains, and sometimes we think that means low quality. But that’s not necessarily the case! Many high end brands are making their way into the dollar store. There are also many gourmet, popular food types that have the lower cost dollar store alternatives many of us look for. We’ve done the leg work and researched the sorts of high end food you might score for just $1 at the dollar store.


1 – Veggie Crisps

You don’t have to the local fancy gourmet food store to find the gluten-free, non-gmo foods you’re looking for. Your local dollar store may have exactly what you’re looking for. So if you commitment to healthier snack alternatives is breaking the bank, your neighborhood dollar store may be the answer!

2 – Coconut Oil

Whether you’re into specialty diets like keto, or you’re vegan, or you’re just interested in non-gmo products, you’ve probably started to use coconut oil in your cooking. And dollar stores have been paying attention! Most likely, your local dollar store is keeping a good stock of the coconut oil you need for the specialty recipes that you cook for your family.

3 – Wine

Believe it or not, there’s a chance you will find some vino at the dollar store. Reports have been coming in of wine displays popping up at dollar stores across the country. We all know you get what you pay for with wine, but this is a great opportunity to save on cooking wine, or wine for cocktails, punches, or sangrias.

4 – Stuffed Olives

From the relish tray to the potato salad to your favorite martini, stuffed olives are a splurge we all love to indulge in once in a while. If you’re accustomed to paying several dollars for a jar of olives, you’ll be happy to learn that your local dollar store may have been paying attention to your love of stuffed olives. The next time you’re in the dollar store, take a close look at the jars on the shelves and see if you can save some serious green!

5 – Coconut Water

We’re not sure exactly when coconut water became the healthy beverage of choice, but we do know that it never lasts long at our house! If you, or your kids (or your grandkids!) have developed a taste for the cool, refreshing power of coconut water, your local dollar store may have you covered. So skip the gourmet store brands that charge and arm and a leg and stock up at your local dollar store.

6 – Gnocchi

Yes, it’s true. Your favorite pasta from the local Italian restaurant has actually made its way to the dollar store shelves. The great news is, you don’t have to mortgage the house to put this delicious pasta classic on the dinner table. Whether you opt for a store-bought sauce or spend hours making your own, this is one gourmet meal item that the dollar store has put back on the menu!

7 – Gourmet Chocolate Nut Spreads

Who doesn’t love the smooth, chocolatey goodness of a gourmet chocolate nut spread? Of course, it’s difficult to spread out that gooey deliciousness without remembering how much you’re paying for the privilege! Your local dollar store may actually have your favorite snack spread on the shelf, so you can snack guilt free. (Well, at least you’ll be free of budget guilt!)

8 – Gourmet Trail Mix

We all know we should reach for healthier whole food snack options like nuts and fruit. But who can afford it? With nut prices so high, and dried fruit priced at a premium per ounce, pre-made gourmet snacks are often completely out of reach for the average family. This is where the dollar store comes in. The items you’d have to pass by on the grocery store shelf are popping up at your local dollar store.

9 – Morello Cherries

If you love the sour goodness of Morello cherries, you may be in luck! For a fraction of the price of the local gourmet store, you can score premium pie cherries. If you love the tart beauty of Morello cherries in your favorite drinks, desserts, or just to eat on their own, head to the local dollar store!

10 – Name Brand Sparkling Water

Nothing spruces up a dinner party like a host who has gourmet sparkling water on offer. Long a favorite of those with refined palates (or those watching their waistlines), flavored sparkling water is a refreshing luxury treat. Your local dollar store has found a way to bring you your favorite drinks on a dime, so be sure to stock up on your next visit!

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