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8 Dollar Store Office Supply Finds

Whether for your place of business or your home office, you’re probably in constant need of supplies. We’ve all seen the receipts pile up from the office supply store, so bargain office supplies can be a real super saver. So if you’ve got an office supply budget you’ve got to stick to, you’ll want to check out what we found in the dollar store office supply section. We’ve got a comprehensive list of items you can stockpile on the cheap from the local dollar store.


1 – Highlighter Pens

Highlighter pens are a must have for many professions, from teachers to accountants to lawyers, they can be key to pouring through piles of paperwork. If you go through highlighters at a shocking pace, you should head to the dollar store to see the wide array of options available.

2 – Scissors

We all know scissors are the quiet workhorses of any office and yours might be due for retirement! Your local dollar store may have an impressive selection just ready and waiting with your replacement pair.

3 – Large Clasp Mailer Envelopes

Talk about an item that will hit you right in the wallet at the office supply store! And that’s to say nothing of the prices you’ll pay if you buy these at the post office. Your local dollar store most likely has a large supply of mailer envelopes in various sizes and weights for all of your business mailing needs. But get there early, small business owners are well aware of this prime dollar store deal.

4 – Letter Trays

The dollar store doesn’t just have a healthy supply of disposable office supplies. They’ve got the items you need to kit out your desk and office as well, like vertical letter trays. If your office has an organization problem (and we promise we won’t tell if that organization problem is you), head over to your local dollar store to check out the bargain office organizers you can score!

5 – Microfiber Cleaning Towel

If you rely on microfiber cleaning towels to keep that pesky office dust under control, the dollar store has got you covered. Of course, this is just the tip of the dollar store cleaning supply ice berg, but what a start it is. And the great news is, when your microfiber towel has outlived its usefulness, you can replace it for only a buck!

6 – Legal Pads

If you’ve been going through legal pads like there’s no tomorrow, you might want to head over to the dollar store to see if you can score yourself a better legal pad deal. The dollar store has other notebook and notepad options waiting for you as well!

7 – Sticky Notes

The great thing about sticky notes is that they’re so handy in so many situations. But the problem with sticky notes is that there never seem to be enough of them! If you’re constantly running through your sticky note supply, the local dollar store may be just the place to which to turn. From name brands to large packages of off-brand sticky notes, your local dollar store may have just what you need.

8 – Letter Envelopes

Look, paper products can be serious budget eaters. If you’re still not living your best paperless life, the local dollar store is there to help. Along with manila clasp mailer envelopes, you’ll most likely find a healthy selection of letter envelopes to meet all of your mailing needs.

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