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Dollar Store Hacks That Will Help Organize Every Room In Your Home

A well-organized house is a place where you can live in comfort and peace of mind. Sometimes, it only takes simple measures for a home to have everything in its rightful place. 

There are many simple hacks that you can use to accomplish a well-kept house. Fortunately for those who prefer their home to be in this type of condition, the dollar stores offer some cheap options.

Here are some low priced dollar store hacks to help organize your home.

Organizer For Drawer

Dollar stores sell organizers that fit in your drawer to hold small and medium-sized items. This option is a very cost-effective way to store objects away for use another day. You won’t find yourself wondering where you put those tacks or hairpins because they would have their place.

Self Adhesive Hooks 

Command Hooks are known for their functionality. They take up very little space, be stuck to a wall, and removed without leaving a mess. Dollar stores have their cheap alternative to command Hooks that will do a similar job. Use them in the kitchen and other areas that need a hook on the wall. 

Measuring Spoon And Container Idea

Measuring Spoons

Use simple glue and hooks ideas to place a measuring cup on a bin. Your bins used for food and other items that can be scoped or measured work well with this idea. It cuts the hassle of searching for the spoon when taking a scoop of cereal or other products.

Glove Hanger

Did you know storing gloves is not only tidy but can increase their lifespan? One of the best ways to improve the longevity of your gloves is to hang them up. You can use self-adhesive strips with a binder clip to hold the gloves. 

Pans And Strainer Storage Ideas

For those who love to cook, having lots of appliances and cooking ware is a must. Having so many items like pans and colander can make your kitchen look messy. An easy solution is to used self-adhesive strips once again to solve it. These strips hold tight on all walls to be a storage solver. 

Shower Caddy Solutions

You can use a shower caddy for much more than a bathroom storage outlet. Combine a self-adhesive strip with a shower caddy, and you have a new storage idea for your kitchen or even your bedroom. They work nicely on the inside of cupboards or pantry. You can use them in wardrobes or a neat area on the wall. 

Magnetic Spice Storage

An amazing do it yourself idea is the magnetic spice cabinet. You can build a wooden cabinet that has metal plates on the inside. Buy some magnetic containers from a dollar tree and stick them to the metal plate. These containers can hold a small quantity of spice for use.

Kitchen Drawer Solutions

Dollar stores sell plastic baskets that would work well as organizers for your kitchen drawers. It is a known fact that cutlery in drawers can become cluttered over time. Adding these baskets helps rearrange everything in its place.

Storage Container Makeovers

Storage containers are great alternatives to store food and other items in your kitchen. You can buy multiple storage containers of a similar look to store products in your cupboards that will keep everything neat and tidy. 

Snack Stacks

Finding ways to keep everything in order on a tight schedule is essential. If you are someone with kids who need their snacks and other goodies for school, this idea is right for you. A simple solution is to pack the snacks in baskets and label them according to the week’s days. For labels and baskets, the dollar store is your go-to. 

Tension Rod Hacks

Dollar store tension rods are a perfect way to store items to keep spaces tidy. You can use them under the kitchen sink to hold spray bottles. These rods are also handy in areas that are wide enough for them to fit and store hangers.

Hidden Sink Ideas

Dollar store self-adhesive strips and baskets make a great combo to store sponges and other items used in the kitchen. Keeping the drain sieve and caps in the basket is also a good idea with this setup.

Storing Saucepans and Lids

You can learn to think outside the box with Command Strips knockoffs. Try storing saucepan covers on the cabinet’s door by using adhesive strips to hold them in place. The key is to measure before you stick to have a tight fit. You can also store saucepans by hanging them with the adhesive.

These are some amazing hacks that anyone can try. You don’t have to spend an enormous amount of money to do them either. These hacks are possible after a trip to the dollar stores and some elbow grease.

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