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Don’t Buy These 11 Laundry Supplies Anywhere But the Dollar Store

Laundry is just a fact of life. If you’re not washing clothes, it’s sheets or towels or blankets. Not to mention all the ironing and folding you need to do. So before you start sorting your whites from your colors and deciding when it’s time to run that delicate cycle, check out this list of the laundry supplies you can find at your local dollar store that will at least help take the sting out of purchasing your laundry supplies–even if they can’t actually help you escape the chore of laundry itself!

1 – Clothespins

Whether you hang everything to dry or you just like to grab your delicates–or if you’re just addicted to that fresh scent of line-dried sheets–the local dollar store has the clothespins you need to get the job done. And since we know how easily clothespins can go missing, whether your kids are playing with them or the dog is chewing on them, you won’t mind replacing them because the price is so low!

2 – Laundry detergent tabs

Yes, even the latest laundry detergent tab craze has hit your local dollar store. If you love the convenience and cleanliness of a laundry detergent you can just grab and use without measuring or tracking goop or powder all over your laundry room–you can now do it cheaper than ever. Many dollar stores even offer more than one brand and different scents of laundry tabs for you to buy, so feel free to experiment to find out which works best for you and your family!

3 – Laundry baskets

It’s tough to get much laundry done without some laundry baskets to carry things around and help you stay organized. The dollar store always comes through in this department, and if your kids decide to use one to go sledding down the staircase, it’s not going to break the bank to replace it. Most dollar stores will have several styles and colors of laundry basket to choose from, so you should find something that works perfectly for you!

4 – Liquid laundry detergent

If nothing but the ease of liquid detergent will do for you, the dollar store will have what you need. This is a product that tends to be stocked in a few brands, so you will even have some choice about which type will work best for you. You may want to buy a couple of brands to try so you can be sure which one you like best. At this price point, it’s easy to do some test driving!

5 – Wrinkle release spray

Sometimes you just want to freshen up a garment without going to the hassle of laundering and ironing it. Enter wrinkle release sprays! The dollar store knows this is a convenient product that shoppers clamber for, and they usually have at least one brand on the shelves–if not more. This is a must-have for anyone who works in office environments and often wears easily wrinkled items. You can even stash a bottle in your desk for touch-ups throughout the day!

6 – Starch spray

Few people get excited about ironing, but when you need to do it, spray starch is often a must, and the dollar store has you covered. So if you have button-up shirt collars you need to keep in tip-top shape, or creases that have to be pristine, grab a can of spray starch on your next dollar store shopping spree!

7 – Hangers

Look, we can’t tell you where all those missing hangers go (are the kids taking them to school for art projects? is your husband using them as back scratchers?), but we can tell you that the next time you need some replacements (and we know you will!) the dollar store is the first place you should go. Usually you’ll find several styles–occasionally even specialty hangers like wood, or those with clips. And the best part, as always, is that amazing $1 price tag!

8 – Dryer sheets

If you love that heavenly smell that only seems to come from laundry dried with dryer sheets, the dollar store can help you out! You should find several brands, including some name-brands you may know well from supermarkets. At only a dollar each, you can try out a few different scents to see which ones will be your new favorite!

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9 – Laundry bags

Whether you have to make a weekly trip to the laundromat or you’ve got a kid who likes to haul home laundry from college on the weekend, laundry bags are a necessity in many households. The dollar store is at it again, bringing you great options to meet your family’s laundry needs without putting a large dent in your wallet. And if a mesh bag goes missing on your next big laundromat run you won’t have to complain too much, because you can replace it for only a buck!

10 – Organizers

If your laundry room looks anything like ours, you’ve got a whole collection of different laundry products that you need at various times to get the job done. That’s where good organizers come in, not just for the laundry room, but any room in your home. Most dollar stores have good selections of easy to clean organizer bins that are perfect to keep your laundry room mess wrangled.

11 – Fabric softener

If you can’t imagine the idea of sheets or towels not washed with fabric softener, the dollar store has just what you need. With many brands, features, and scents to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect softener to make your laundry as soft an lovely as you’d like!

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