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Dollar Store Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Yes, we know your mom is worth more than a dollar, but that doesn’t mean you have to dismiss these dollar store mother’s day gift ideas. As Mother’s Day approaches, many of us wonder what we can purchase for our mom. If you’re on a budget and feel like you’re running out of time to find a gift, don’t worry: you can always buy something from the dollar store!

What will you get your mom for Mother’s Day this year? If you’re looking for a last-minute gift that won’t break the bank, don’t worry – the dollar store is here to save the day!

If you’re looking for something affordable and high-quality, you need to look no further. This article will provide you with a list of dollar store mother’s day gift ideas that your mom is sure to love coming from both a mother’s perspective and a dollar store shopper’s perspective!

Mother’s Day Mug

These days, it’s common to give a mom a gift she’ll treasure for years. A mug is a great way to remind her of all the beautiful moments she’s shared with you. 

Plus, there are many different types of mugs on the market: ones that are just plain, ones with funny sayings, and ones with designs or photos. You’ll be sure to find one that will bring a smile to her face when morning coffee time rolls around.

Wall Planter

Wall Planter

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and you’re probably still scrambling for the perfect gift. Do your mom a favor this year and present her with something she can enjoy all year long: a wall planter! 

You can fill it with beautiful flower seeds or succulents to decorate the home or office. Additionally, since the planters are very cheap (less than $2), you can buy one for each mother in your life, so they don’t feel left out on Mother’s Day!

Wall Rules Art

Wall Rules Art

Practical wall rules art with a mother’s day twist are an inexpensive gift idea. Create a set of framed wall rules that state things like “Eat Dinner” and “Clean Up After Yourself.” Include a message on the back telling the recipient to “Happy Mother’s Day.”

Art is created in the form of rules for life, and they can be applied to various aspects of one’s life, such as the bathroom. Wall Rules Art is available at most dollar stores, and they are inexpensive and easy to find.

Garden Signs

Garden Signs

One of the best ways to welcome Mother’s Day is with a personalized garden sign. If you’re handy, you can make one yourself or have a friend or family member craft one using wood and paint. 

But if you’d instead not go to all that trouble, shop at the dollar store for inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts that will be perfect for any mom!

For the crafty mom, Dollar Tree sells a variety of imperfect yet perfect wooden signs. One available sign says “My Succulent Garden.” It is the ideal sign for a garden in the backyard. You can even glue some succulents on the front and back of the garden sign to make it more aesthetically pleasing and personalized.

Decorative Accents

Decorative Accents

One of my favorite items from the dollar store is decorative accents. They are beautiful, affordable, and can be put in any room in the house without worry. 

I love to see a candle or jar with some design and use them to decorate my home. They help liven up an otherwise dull space.

A hanging metal sign with sentiment is a cute and inexpensive way to show Mom you appreciate her. You can personalize the metal sign by adding an endearing phrase or your mother’s name. 

If you don’t have time to make one, you could buy a premade sign that has the sentiment “Love.”

Faux Flowers

Faux Flowers

Faux flowers are a great way to save money on Mother’s Day. Plus, they don’t wilt and die as real flowers do. You can get them in different colors or styles, so it’s easy to find the perfect one for your mom.

Dollar stores have a wide range of faux flowers that would make great mother’s day gift ideas. There are many options to choose from, and they come in many different colors and styles. 

Sleep Masks

Sleep Masks

One great idea for a Mother’s Day gift is a sleep mask. Dollar store sleep masks are perfect because they are inexpensive, come in adorable colors and styles, and are easy to buy since they’re usually next to the cash registers.

This gift is perfect for those moms who work different shifts or those who love to nap. Sleep masks block out light and make the wearer feel more rested, which is essential for a mom’s energy level.

PillBox Organizer


If your mom always forgets to take her pills or has trouble keeping track of them, a pillbox organizer may be the perfect gift. 

These can be as small as a coin envelope for carrying a purse or more significant for use at home. It makes it easy to have your pills with you and not worry about when to take them!

You can use the pill organizer to organize pills, vitamins, or jewelry. It’s also great for travel because you can separate your items into sections, and it folds up so that it’s easy to carry around in your purse.



Figurines are a great gift for mother’s day because they serve two purposes. They can be displayed in the house as a decoration, and they also remind us of our mothers. 

Dollar store figurines come in many styles, from pottery to plastic flower arrangements. Choose one best suited for your mother or a special message to her.

Final Thoughts On Dollar Store Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I hope this dollar store mother’s day gift ideas guide has helped you find a few items for your mom. If you’re still on edge about what to get her, I’d recommend starting with one of the items from this list and then adding a few of her favorite things or making one of your own. 

You know your mom better than anyone else, so you should be able to think of something she’ll enjoy.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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