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Dollar Store Items You Should Buy This Christmas

It’s Christmas time, and we all know it’s time to decorate. Unfortunately, decorations can be a bit expensive. If you’re looking for a viable solution, then why not try some dollar store items? Before you think that it will look cheap, you should take the time to check out these options that we’ve put together below.


If you’re buying ornaments from anywhere else, then you’re paying way too much. The dollar store, primarily Dollar Tree, has a wide variety of Christmas ornaments for you to buy. However, the trick to having the best selection is to be ready for the stock release date, usually in late November.

You’ll find anything from classic tree ornaments to snow ornaments and all kinds of unique designs that will help make your Christmas tree look fantastic without having to spend a lot of money.

Snow Globes

It doesn’t feel like Christmas without snow globes, and at the dollar store, you can get the globe and the snow to fill it for just one dollar. It’s called “Faux Snow,” so look for that along with the actual globe when you visit your local Dollar Tree.

Mini Christmas Trees

A fantastic way to decorate your home is to use the mini Christmas trees that are now on sale at Dollar Tree. These are perfect to put on mantles, tables, and so much more. The mini Christmas trees can be fun to decorate and will be a fun activity for your kids to try.

Christmas Mugs

Paying exorbitant prices for a Christmas mug is not needed, as Dollar Tree has a wide variety of mugs for you to buy. There are so many styles and phrases on them that you’re probably going to buy more than one. There are also great as a cheap gift as well for friends and colleagues.

Christmas Theme Dish Towels

To keep with the theme of Christmas, you can also buy the towels and oven mitts. These are all available for only one dollar from Dollar Tree, so you won’t want to miss this deal. Make your entire home complete with the Christmas theme.

Plate Sets

When it’s time to serve dinner, why not use the Christmas plate set offered by Dollar Tree. This plate set is perfect for use on Christmas day. It just gives your dinner table that festive appearance, and at the price of only one dollar, it’s a total steal. To make it even better, they offer these plates as a matching set with bowls and cups.


No table is complete without the tablemats, and you can use these Christmas themed placemats to help make your table “pop”. It enables you to maintain the overall theme, and thankfully they are of excellent quality as well. They do not look cheap. There is a wide variety available, so you can select the style that is right for you.


You can’t leave the dollar store without picking up some ribbons. These ribbons are very festive with bright colors and are great for all your packaging. The dollar store is the best spot to get your ribbons instead of having to pay five dollars or more at other retail stores. While there, you should check out the jumbo bows as well, a perfect decorative option for your home or even your front door.

Gift Wrapping Paper

With the extensive selection of gift wrapping paper available on Dollar Tree, there is absolutely no reason to buy elsewhere as it will definitely cost more. Over the years, they have been expanding the options and styles available, so you don’t have to settle for the same types each time you buy. Don’t forget to take advantage of their tissue paper, as well.


Buying tape from the Dollar Tree to wrap all your gifts makes perfect sense. Do not overspend on tape at regular retail stores. Buy your tape at the dollar store and enjoy the savings. You can quickly wrap all of your Christmas gifts with the deals offered, such as the two scotch tape for only one dollar.

Christmas Florals

For all your floral arrangements on Christmas, the dollar store will be your most cost-efficient option. As soon as you walk into the store around Christmas time, you’ll notice the wide range of floral arrangements available in the traditional Christmas colors. You’ll find very lovely reefs for your door as well.

Winter Village

Create your own Christmas town with miniature houses and trees that you can use to decorate your home’s interior. This is great to use on mantles and tables to create a festive atmosphere. It’s absolutely a great way to decorate your home. You can buy trucks and small people to complete the set.

Wooden Signs

If you want wooden Christmas related signage, then you’ll love the options available at Dollar Tree. You can get wooden signs that say, Love, Peace, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and so much more. You can get wooden Christmas trees as well. The best part is that you can also paint all these items in any color that you want.

These are just a few of the items you can find at the dollar store this Christmas. Take the time to go through the aisles, and I’m sure you’ll find some great selections of Christmas-related products you can buy.

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