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9 Pet Supply Bargains at the Dollar Store

Pets! They’re adorable, and we love them, but keeping them supplied with everything they need can get very expensive! Fluffy and Fido are worth it, though, but they won’t begrudge us trying to save a little green on the odds and ends they always need. Dollar Stores are aware that pet supplies are an expensive line in your household budget that you’d like to find some cheaper alternatives for, so they have stepped in to help. We scoured dollar store shelves for the deals that will keep both your pets and your wallet happy!

1 – Dog Harness

These are expensive but necessary items for many pooches and the dollar store knows you would love to save some green when you need a new one. With various sizes and colors, you may find exactly the harness Fido needs at a fraction of the cost of the pet store.

2 – Cat Toys

Look, cats are tiny, adorable predators and they love to kill anything they play with. So, as every cat parent knows, they go through their little toys at a pretty quick pace. Not to mention the ones they hide! Who hasn’t moved the sofa to find a little pile of feathery cat toys their little fur ball hid away for a rainy day. The dollar store has just the solution, with a wide selection of the tinkly, furry, feathery little toys your kitty loves to play with.

3 – Dog Leash

It seems like leashes need to be replaced every couple of years, or sooner if Fido manages to sneak away with it and gnaw on it. The dollar store has a good selection in a variety of looks and sizes to help you restock your leash supply without breaking the bank.

4 – Water Dishes

You’ve probably learned that it’s a good idea to have two or three water dishes on hand so you can put a new one down while you wash the last one and the dollar store is here to help you keep your water dish supply well stocked. With a variety of options, including some non-skid varieties, there’s no reason to look at the big box stores for this cat and dog necessity.

5 – Rawhide Chews

Some dogs don’t have to teeth to handle these, and you should always beware of tiny pieces becoming choking hazards, but if your pooch is a big rawhide fan, the dollar store has a big supply to keep your pup’s tail wagging.

6 – Dog Waste Bags

Look, they’re worth the headache, but there are some truly unpleasant aspects of dog parenting. One of the biggest has to be the need to pick up your pooch’s waste. You have to do it, so you might as well have the right tool for the job. That’s where the waste bags come in. Just clip a dispenser to your dog’s leash and you’ve got a bag handy for Fido’s next unfortunate event!

7 – Combo Food/Water Dishes

These are a must for some cats, or for any small pet. It’s so much more convenient to keep their food and water tucked neatly in one little corner. Inevitably, those food/water combo dishes will wear out and need to be replaced every so often, and of course it’s a good idea to have an extra clean one stashed away to put down when you’re washing them. The dollar store has you covered with a great selection!

8 – Squeaky Toys

The sound is annoying, but it’s better that your pooch spends a few minutes a day chewing on a squeaky toy than chewing on your shoes or furniture legs. With a big choice of sizes and styles, there should be a dollar store option that will work for any pup!

9 – Dog Tennis Balls

Not every pooch plays fetch, but for the ones that do, it seems like a steady supply of balls is a necessity. They make the pup happy and fetch is a great way to keep them exercised and using their energy in a healthy way. The dollar store has a good supply of this pup necessity, so save some money and don’t panic the next time a ball goes missing!

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