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8 Dollar Store Party Supply Bargains

We all love a party, whether it’s for retirement, a bridal shower, an anniversary, or the king of all parties, the Birthday party!  So whether you’re throwing a big Birthday bash for one of your kiddos, or throwing a baby shower for your sister, your local dollar store has birthday party supply bargains galore. Don’t pay big box store markup prices for some of these one time use items! We’ve got a list of everything that should be on your dollar store shopping list for the next celebration in your personal event calendar.

1 – Balloons

Few things say “party time” like a room full of balloons, and the dollar store may be just the place to find the best possible bargain on balloons for your festivities. With a wide variety of colors, and often a selection of specialized helium-filled mylar foil balloons, dollar stores probably have not only the best deal, but one of the widest arrays of choices and variations.

2 – Festive Paper Napkins

A paper napkin doesn’t last long in the hands of a party-goer, so there’s no reason to break the bank buying expensive ones that will soon be crumpled in the recycling bin! Your local dollar store not only has a big supply of birthday party napkins, they’ve got some really cute and trendy options too, and there’s always a great kids’ selection with well-known superheroes or cartoon characters. Save some green and head to the dollar store for a birthday paper napkin bargain.

3 – Theme Party Decor

Whether you’re throwing a tropical bash for your mom’s 65th birthday or floral princess themed soiree for your daughter’s 8th birthday, your local dollar store is the best place to look for your themed decor needs. Chances are you’ll only use this stuff once, so why not go for the bargain option? The smartest move is actually to take a run to the dollar store before you set your theme using what they have in stock!

4 – Color Coordinated Tableware

Nothing pulls a Birthday party look together like a solid color story, and chances are your local dollar store has a fabulous selection of disposable party tableware in any shade you might need. Find paper plates in multiple sizes, plastic silverware, napkins, paper cups, and tablecloths all neatly matched and ready for your guests to chow down and have a great time.

5 – Crepe Streamers

Is there a more versatile birthday party decoration than the crepe streamer? The great thing about streamers is that you can cut them to any size you need for your space. Hang them from the ceiling, or around doorways, or just leave them hanging in a fringe from your tables. Luckily your neighborhood dollar store probably has a great selection of streamers to help you spruce up your space for your next birthday party!

6 – Birthday Candles

Birthday candles look great on top of your beautiful, delicious cake. But, of course, you only use them for about 60 seconds. Who wants to spend too much money on such a short-lived item? Your kids might revolt if you don’t have candles on their cake, so opt for the dollar store for this birthday supply staple. We promise we won’t tell that you were clever enough to serve up birthday candles on the cheap!

7 – Hanging Decorations

From themed decoration items to paper lanterns and paper pom poms, you can find many hanging decorations in a variety of prints and colors at your local dollar store. Prices for these items are often heavily marked up at traditional retailers, so shop smart!

8 – Thank You Cards

When the party’s over, there are always people to thank. Everyone knows that dollar stores are a great place to buy greeting cards, and the same goes for thank you cards. With name brands and cool new styles, no one will ever know that you picked up your thank you cards at the dollar store at a bargain price.

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