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12 Dollar Store Items That Are Perfect For Your Home’s Decor

The dollar stores are known for their unbeatable prices on many items. You will find many deals in various categories of items in the store. One of those categories is home goods that can beautify your home or serve some other purpose. You will find items that decorate and are useful for serving food and other goodies. As you read on, you will see products that are cheap, beautiful, and worth every penny.

Here are 12 dollar store items to have in your home.

Accent Mirror

Accent mirrors make wall decor ideas for anywhere in your home. These mirrors can make a room appear larger just by hanging them on the wall. The mirror has a neutral-colored frame, so using it anywhere you choose is not a problem. I am sure you will find plenty of ideas to use this cheap option.

Framed Printed Art

Framed printed art is another option if you don’t like the mirror idea so much. These frames can be used anywhere in the house, just like the mirrors talked about earlier. They are a cheap alternative to decorating the walls in your home. Make your house look pretty for way less.

Cylinder Glass Vases

Home decorations are never complete without a lovely vase of flowers. Some dollar stores sell glass vases that help decorate the home. The long slender design of a cylinder vase adds character to the room you put it in. You can use these vases for other things as well, such as candles or shells. Your imagination is the limit for what you can do with this vase.

Wooden Table Top Plaques

Wooden plaques can serve as multipurpose decorations in your home. Place them on a coffee table or even a bookshelf. You can even make a well thought out decoration with these plaques. What you can do with these plaques is totally up to you and your style.

Ceramic Trinket Trays

Trinkets are lovely but even better are ceramic trinket trays to decorate your living space. Think of bookshelves, tables, and other forms of wall structures when you think of trinket trays. All of the above and more are candidates for decorations. If you have the skill, you can use ceramic trinkets as wall decor.

Artificial Succulents In Pots

Potted succulents make excellent decorations anywhere in a house. These plant looking ornaments need no water to keep them alive, so they require little maintenance. Some great ideas for these artificial plants would be as centerpieces or even outside in a planter, like window planters.

Colored Narrow Neck Glass Bottles

These bottles make lovely decoration ideas due to their colors and appearance. The bottles have designs on them that help accentuates their look. They come with a cork fitted inside the mouth to keep it looking neat and tidy. 

Do It Yourself Dollar Store Craft Items

The dollar stores sell craft items that you can design into what you want. Have fun creating your decorations with the affordable items in store. You can watch videos for some inspiration if you aren’t sure about what to do. Whatever motivation you can gain, please take it.

Collapsible Storage Containers

Storage containers are big sellers due to the number of stuff people often have and won’t let go. Collapsible containers take storage one step further due to the ability to be stored when not in use. Keeping them stored is a piece of cake, and you probably won’t notice them. 

Ceramic Scented-Oil Warmers

You can purchase scented-oil warmers for cheap in a range of colors at the dollar stores. These warmers will make your home smell sweet and also add a decorative touch. They make lovely gift ideas as well. 

Ceramic Ring Trays

Ceramic ring trays make decorative pieces for anywhere in your home. They come in 24, so you will have an adequate amount to put wherever you choose in your house. The styles vary, so you have to find the ones that suit your taste.

River Rocks Decorations

The dollar stores sell river rocks of various colors, sizes, and look in a netted bag. These rocks are pretty and have multiple ways to decorate around the home. A cool option is putting them in a vase or jar; if you have an aquarium, they work nicely to trim the bottom. 

These are some fantastic dollar tree items shown above. It shows how handy your local dollar store can be or even the online choice. You can do a lot with little if you use a bit of imagination.

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