10 Dollar Store Items For Bargain Hunters

If you are a bargain hunter and have never considered the dollar store, you are definitely missing out on some great deals. Not everything at the dollar store is a great deal, but if you look in the right places there are plenty of bargains to be had. We have compiled a list of 10 items from the dollar store that bargain hunters are sure to love.

1 – Vitamins

Whether you are looking for Women’s Daily Vitamins, Men’s Daily Vitamins or specific Vitamins such as Glucosamine for joint therapy, you will find a wide variety of vitamins at the dollar store.  As we all know there are usually extremely large markups on vitamins at most stores so getting vitamins at the dollar store can be a great solution for those looking for good bargains.


2 – Drug Tests

Whether you need them to keep track of your kids, or for work, or any other situation, drug tests can be very pricey.  If you haven’t as yet considered checking the dollar store for drug tests you should.  The dollar store provides a much more affordable alternative to the pharmacy for getting the at home drug test you may need for your situation.

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