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10 Dollar Store Items For Bargain Hunters

If you are a bargain hunter and have never considered the dollar store, you are definitely missing out on some great deals. Not everything at the dollar store is a great deal, but if you look in the right places there are plenty of bargains to be had. We have compiled a list of 10 items from the dollar store that bargain hunters are sure to love.

1 – Vitamins

Whether you are looking for Women’s Daily Vitamins, Men’s Daily Vitamins or specific Vitamins such as Glucosamine for joint therapy, you will find a wide variety of vitamins at the dollar store.  As we all know there are usually extremely large markups on vitamins at most stores so getting vitamins at the dollar store can be a great solution for those looking for good bargains.


2 – Drug Tests

Whether you need them to keep track of your kids, or for work, or any other situation, drug tests can be very pricey.  If you haven’t as yet considered checking the dollar store for drug tests you should.  The dollar store provides a much more affordable alternative to the pharmacy for getting the at home drug test you may need for your situation.

3 – Hair Accessories

Are you constantly losing your hair accessories like elastic bands and head bands? Tired of spending a fortune of getting new ones from the brand name stores over and over again?  Then you should consider the dollar store.  They have hair accessories like elastic bands in a wide range of colors and at prices that allow you to buy enough to keep losing them without losing too much money on them.


4 – Binders

Whether you use them for school, at the office, or just for organizing documents at home, binders can be very handy.  If you have any projects that require lots of them, you should consider getting them at the dollar store.  The dollar store has a wide variety of them and as always at a great bargain basement price.

5 – Phone Accessories

How many phone charger cables have you broken in your life?  Most people go through them quickly and if you buy from regular retailers these accessories can get pretty pricey.  Well did you know you can buy these from the dollar store?  From USB C cables to Lightning cables, you can find phone accessories at the dollar store and stop paying for those high priced replacements that break just as fast.


6 – Grilling Accessories

Grilling season is never over, well that’s my opinion anyway! Grilling accessories can sometime be very expensive.  The dollar store has a wide range of grilling accessories that will not break the bank and allow you to keep that grill clean and the burgers going all year round.


7 – Picture Frames

If you love having pictures everywhere like your desk, on on your side tables, and on your walls, then you should definitely consider the dollar store.  They usually have a wide range of picture frames in a wide range of sizes.  No need to go to the brand name stores to pick up these must haves, just take a trip down to the dollar store.

8 – Over The Door Hooks

You may not think of the dollar store when it comes to some hardware like over the door hooks.  But, much to your surprise you will find a wide assortment of them at the dollar store.  Why spend the extra dollars for these hooks at the brand name stores when you can find plenty of them at the dollar store.


9 – Collapsible Storage Containers

We have all had a clutter problem in our house at some point.  Trips to large stores for storage containers often end up being the solution. Most large stores have a wide range of collapsible storage containers, but they usually are a bit pricey.  This is where the dollar store comes in.  You can find affordable collapsible storage containers to help you with that clutter at the dollar store.


10 – Shampoo And Conditioner

Dandruff is one of those things people hate having. Most shampoo ads focus on the dandruff aspect because of this.  Medicated shampoos that fight dandruff can sometimes be really pricey.  A bargain hunter can really save some money by getting their dandruff shampoo from the dollar store at a much more affordable price.

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